About Me

“Once upon a time in Canada, an English man and a Danish woman fell deeply and utterly in love. What triggered this love was their common passion for adventure, a passion so deep, they decided to sell everything they owned, build a boat and sail the seven seas, around the world in search for an adventure. One misty morning on the coast of Costa Rica, the woman learned that their love had created life. The woman therefore travelled back to Denmark, while the man was to follow them on the boat. But fiat came in the way and as the woman was giving birth to a beautiful little girl, the man was caught in a dark storm and marooned on a deserted island. Scared and alone the man sat there, watching all their belongings and hard work sink to the bottom of the ocean. As he was thinking he would never see his bellowed wife and child again, luck struck and he was rescued. The man was reunited with his family and as the woman and man was looking at their child, they realised that this was where their adventure would start and my life began.”


MigEver since I was born my thirst for playing, creating and finding my own adventures has expanded as I grew up. After travelling, graduating my bachelor degree, working for Roskilde Festival and Retro I finally found my calling – Games. I have always loved games, played games and even created my own board games as a child. But never in my wildest fantasy did I know that it was possible to get a degree in games and work with games for a living.

I am a hardworking and highly focused level designer, with high goals for myself and the projects I work on. I am motivated to always do my best and push myself further and I also pride myself in being innovative and creative. I believe being a good level designer is also being able to have a wide range of skills, therefore I can work my way around unity and Glacier, offer a little coding in c#, and create basic 3D assets and 2D assets for in game and UI. My strong suit is level design and I specifically like developing unconventional games, like my thesis project Two Become One.


For more information please see my cv here