Year: Jan 2016 – Pressent

Position: Online Level Designer / Level Designer

Responsibilities: During the development of season 1 I joined the online team as a level designer. My main responsibility was designing and implementing challenges for all levels. This included, designing some 70-80 challenges per location, implementing them in json, creating images for them and creating descriptions and challenges names. Furthermore I helped design the concept of challenges packs for season 1, which is a theme based pack of 5 challenges, that have story, coherency and should be extra fun and challenging for the players. I designed and implemented one pack for each location.

For season 2 I, together with a game designer was in charge of redesigning parts of the core game play systems, so the they would be more coherent and better fit the upcoming season. Furthermore I was attached to a level, which i helped build up from idea to realisations. From paper design to actual in game playable level, we build a gameplay space, story and a believable location. My main task was implementing one of the targets for this level, including designing the target loop, the opportunities and fun kills.

Software used: Glacier 2, Sweet, Perforce, Sublime Text, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Excel, Jira

The Himmapan Horror challenge pack was a challenge pack designed for Bangkok. It was inspired by creepy hotel horror and having to become a ghost in the hotel halls. The pack includes:
Heeeere’s Johnny
I’m Utterly Insane
A Friend For Dinner
Let the Game Begin