Two Become One


Year: 2015

Position: Level Design and programmer

Thesis Project: Two Become One, was a prototype game developed as a result of my thesis project The Functions and Usage of Ambivalent Cues in Computer Games, written and developed in corporation with my thesis partner Cornelia Gumbrich. The topic of the thesis was concerned with the interdisciplinary study of ambivalent cues and how ambivalence influences gameplay and player behaviour. The project consisted of theoretical research, the design of a prototype game and a qualitative analysis of play-tests and interviews, both of individuals and focus groups.

The prototype itself is a co-op puzzle game, where the purpose of the game is corporate and decode the ques the games gives you, in order to advance in the game. There are no interactive objects, only the two avatars are manipulative and therefore function as a canvas for the cues.

Software used: Unity, Mono Develop, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and C# language